Heidi Petty

Satsivi is a walnut sauce/ mash/ porridge and its a staple of winter feasts. its usually but not exclusively served with boiled turkey or chicken parts. If you can split the kitchen chores between women and men in Georgia, this would fall on women's shoulders. They raise the birds, kill, and cook it for feasts ( supras ).

Here is a ingredient list and recipe of Satsivi of turkey/chicken:

one bird

slowly simmer one bird in a pot of water until tender, while removing the scum that floats to the top. Take out the bird when done and generously salt it while its cooling.

chicken/turkey fat

Remove the fat from the chicken/ turkey bouillon, and stew the onions with some of that fat until translucent but not dark.


mince the walnuts either in a meat grinder or with a knife

freshly ground coriander seeds
black pepper
ground fenugreek
saffron ( or dry marigold flowers )

finely mince the garlic, and combine it with the rest of the dry spices and walnuts

dilute the mixture with pomegranate juice, add it to the onions, and cook with some of the reserved bouillon for approximately 10 minutes. Cut the cooked bird into pieces or shred it if you like and put the it into the pan. continue to cook for another 10 minutes.

Egg Yolk

Remove the satsivi from the stove and if you like, and add an egg yolk to make the dish a bit more richer and rounder in flavor.


Music by Arrow Lourette